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Nov 22

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I've worked with Lory on countless projects and can confidently say that she is great to work with. She is extremely personable, and understands the needs of all sides involved in synch licensing making the clearance process go as smooth as possible.
Brandon Neuburger
Director / Creative Marketing - Advertising
Sony Music Publishing
Lory Vincent is a Tour de Force in the music industry. Refreshingly she has forged her path without wavering from the basics of a being a great human. Lory consistently achieves what she sets out to do, and what she does is amazing! Respect.
Mike McEntire
Mack Dawg Productions
I’ve known Lory for over 20 years.  To say she knows what she’s doing is an understatement.  Licensing music is complicated.  You must know the process and the intricacies. You must know music and you must know the players involved – the licensors.  To be in this business that long also means you’ve delivered for your clients and Lory has done just that time after time.  She’s also one of the nicest and coolest people I know.  I’ll always pick up the phone when Lory calls – she’s wonderful!
Don Terbush
Senior Vice President
Film & TV Music
Universal Music Enterprises a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
I've worked with Lory on numerous branded campaigns and she's been a top notch professional through and through. Her complete understanding of the music licensing world combined with her care for our artists make her a very preferable person to do business with.
Brandon Pascua
Universal Music Publishing Group